5 Engaging Content Ideas to Boost Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Engaging Content Ideas To Boost Your Digital Marketing Strategy_DigiTLC

Staying up to date with a monthly blog and weekly social media posts can be overwhelming, and for many business owners it may feel like a waste of time. However, publishing content on a regular basis is an important part of a successful digital marketing strategy. It helps with: branding, trust, credibility, generating leads and making sales. Content can come in various forms such as written, video, infographics and images, and should be posted across various platforms, such as your website, blog and social media. This ensures people can find you when they’re searching online, find interesting information on your website and help you stay top of mind when they’re scrolling through their social media feed.

However, your content needs to be engaging otherwise people will leave your website or scroll past your posts. So how do you stay on top of publishing content your buyers will find engaging?  In this article we’ll share 5 different content ideas that people find engaging to help you stay on top of the publishing schedule in your digital marketing strategy.

1. News Sharing

Engaging Content Ideas To Boost Your Digital Marketing Strategy_DigiTLC

News and blog content goes hand in hand, but you don’t need to be providing the latest stories on a regular basis or this will begin to feel like an obligation. Instead, consider sharing a link to news reports, that your audience will find interesting. For example if you’re a repairer of high end super cars like Ferrari’s sharing the latest news about Ferrari or how they performed in the latest Grand Prix would be of interest to your buyers – although no entirely related to your service. Rather than just sharing the article you could then write a post about that article, sharing your thoughts and opinions, or ask a simple question to encourage your readers to share their opinions.

2. Customer Spotlight

If you have clients that have had an exceptional experience with your company share content in the form of a quote, before and after images, or a detailed case study. Potential customers will find this information helpful when deciding to buy from you or not. Being able to read about another customer’s experience will go a long way to adding to your trust and credibility and help you win more customers.

3. Behind The Scenes

Engaging Content Ideas To Boost Your Digital Marketing Strategy_DigiTLC

By sharing insight into what goes on behind the scenes at your organisation, it provides transparency so people are more likely to trust you. They are also more likely to connect with you when they know the people behind the business. Through photos and short descriptions, you can show the care you take when talking to a customer, highlight the level of quality control within your business to ensure every product is made to specification, or promote the health and safety measures you implement that look after your employees.

4. Industry Insights

So many industries are changing with technology and AI. Most industries share annual reports that help their community stay up to date with trends. For example, we stay up to date with digital marketing trends, how people find websites, what other marketers are doing, and the latest stats with social media and we share this with our community as it is important for the business owners who follow us (like you) to know how to best market their business.

5. FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Engaging Content Ideas To Boost Your Digital Marketing Strategy_DigiTLC

Whoever speaks to customers in your business on a daily basis is probably answering the same questions over and over. It might be the person who answers the phone or someone who calls a new enquiry when an email comes in, or it may be the sales rep who calls on qualified leads – everyone who speaks to new enquiries and customers will have a list of questions they answer on a frequent basis.  All these questions are perfect and engaging FAQs because chances are it’s what people are looking for when they come to your website. You should publish your FAQs on your website and also share them on social media.

I hope you have found this article helpful in sourcing new and engaging content for your readers. If you’re wondering how to improve your content or digital marketing strategy start with our free Digital Marketing Audit. You can learn more about it here.


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