Wondering how often to post new content online?

how often to post new content online_digitlc

The short answer is, “As often as you can consistently post quality content.

Quality and consistency are key to online marketing success.

There is a balance that needs to be found between posting often enough so people don’t forget who you are, but not too much where they become annoyed or weary of seeing your posts.

There are no one-size fits all when it comes to social media marketing. Recent studies have shown that there are optimal posting frequencies for the different platforms, depending on what you want out of your posts and campaigns.

how often to post new content online_digitlc

How Often to Post on Facebook?

Facebook has changed a lot over the years, and in particular Facebook pages have seen a huge drop in the amount of reach. Less and less of your followers are seeing your posts unless they are super engaged, or you pay to boost your posts to your audience.

If you look at the data most agree that once per day is optimal, with a maximum of two posts per day.

HubSpot discovered that pages with under 10,000 fans experienced a 50% drop in engagement per post if they posted more than once per day.

I would suggest the bare minimum you should be posting on your Facebook page is once per week, ideally at least three times per week or once per day would be best.

Resist the temptation to post too many posts in a short period of time, I would leave at least 3 hours between posts. The number one reason people unfollow a page is because of too many posts.

If you are running a Facebook group, this is slightly different. However, I would still recommend not posting more often than twice a day and making sure that at least one of those posts was creating group member interaction and engagement.

How Often to Post on TikTok?

TikTok is fast becoming a very popular social media platform. We have seen some businesses really take off using TikTok effectively.

If you are considering giving TikTok a go you should really try to publish at least one quality video per day. If you can post three per day you are likely to see more results quicker.

Unlike some of the other social media platforms, TikTok doesn’t penalize you for posting a lot. This means that you can feel comfortable posting often.

How Often to Post on Twitter?

Twitter is one of the few platforms where you could post every hour within a day without seeing a drop in followers or engagement. Twitter comments disappear very quickly on people’s feeds, so it’s best to continually post throughout the day to be seen. Secondly, hashtags are extremely important as these allow users to do a search and find interesting and relevant tweets.

How often should you Tweet?

At the minimum you should post once per day, however you can post once or twice per hour if you want. We would suggest the ideal is somewhere between 20 and 30 tweets a day.

How Often to Post on Pinterest?

When it comes to Pinterest you will see a direct correlation between fresh pins and new followers. Having said this Pinterest themselves recommend no more than 25 fresh pins per day. We would recommend a minimum of three pins per day for you to see engagement and growth in your Pinterest followers.

At a bare minimum we would suggest posting once per day with the ideal being somewhere between three and five per day. If you have good quality content to share you could post up to as many 25 pins per day. As with a lot of social media platforms doing a smaller number of quality posts will be much greater than trying to post a higher number that sacrifices your quality.

How Often to Post on Instagram?

When it comes to Instagram you can almost follow the same rules as a Facebook. Posting at least once per day with a maximum of three times per day should lead to best results. If you post to often you will find that followers will stop following your Instagram account.

The absolute minimum you should post on Instagram is recommended once a week, best to try and post once or twice a day.

How Often to Post on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a little bit different to the other platforms, typically used by business professionals. Posting once a day on business days is ideal, we suggest a minimum of once a week and no more than five times per week.

How Often to Post on YouTube?

As with a lot of these platforms, consistency will win over quantity. YouTube viewers prefer content that is released on a consistent basis, usually on the same day and if possible the same time each week.

One of the biggest challenges people face when creating content for YouTube is the amount of work it can take, usually YouTube videos take a lot more effort and time to create than other social media platform content. Posting weekly is ideal, however if you’re unable to posting good quality content at least once per month will still yield positive results.

I know it sounds like a broken record, but it’s really all about consistency, quality, and what works for your audience.

It’s important you treat YouTube like any other social media channel by replying to comments from followers and encouraging engagement. YouTube also has a community tab that allows you to start conversations like any other social media platform.

How Often Should You Blog?

Blogging is an important part of SEO (search engine optimisation). When creating content you should always plan to include that content on your website, on some type of blog page.

If a blog is new to your website, regular content will help improve your search ranking results. In this case we would suggest weekly blog articles. If your website already contains lots of blog articles you could focus a little less on this.


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